Breakfastfrom 9:00 am to 3:30 pm


Croissant nature
1.70 €
Croissant with butter, jam, honey or nougat cream
3.60 €

Small Continental breakfast

Salami milan, cooked ham,
homemade fresh cheese with herbs, french brie cheese, fresh fruits, jam or honey
6.20 €

Big continental breakfast

Serrano ham, salami milan, cooked ham, Chaource,
Tommette des Aravis, Brie cheese, fresh fruits, jam or honey
10.80 €

Regional breakfast

Raw smoked ham, organic liverwurst & buffalo Provolone cheese,
cream cheese with herbs, organic boiled egg & honey from the Oder region
11.80 €

Mediterran breakfast

Serrano ham, Italian salami, olives,
sundried tomatoes, mozzarella with tomatoes and basil, ciabatta
10.50 €

English breakfast

Two fried eggs (sunny side up), roasted bacon, three roasted    
nuremberger sausages, with toast, butter and if you want : baked beans
9.10 €

Norwegian breakfast

Smoked salmon with honey-mustard-dip,
marinated shrimps, toast and butter
11.30 €

Cheese breakfast

Brie cheese, Chaource, homemade fresh cheese with herbs, butter & fruits
6.40 €

Big cheese breakfast

Brie cheese, Tommette des Aravis,  Chaource,
Fourme dàmbert – blue cheese, homemade fresh cheese with herbs, butter and fruits
11.50 €

Vegetarian breakfast

Homemade fresh cheese with vegetable sticks,
avocado cream guacamole, black olive paste, olives, sundried tomatoes, butter and fruits
8.60 €


Yogurt nature   2.70 €

Yogurt with honey   3.10 €
Yogurt with honey and fruits   4.50 €
Yogurt with organic cereal, honey, fruits and nuts   5.10 €


Medium-boiled egg   1.50 €
Three scrumbled or fried eggs   4.90 €
Three fried eggs with bacon   5.60 €
Three scrambled eggs with
- fresh herbs   5.10 €
- tomatoes and fresh basil   5.50 €
- serrano ham and spring leek   5.80 €
- smoked salmon and chives   6.50 €

Every breakfast will be served with different kind of bread and butter.
All eggdishes are prepared with organic eggs from the region.
Milk, yogurt and butter are sourced from organic farms in the region.