The Oxymoron offers à la carte breakfast until 3.30 pm and at midday a reasonably priced lunch.

Business Lunch

We offer a business lunch menu, selectable as 2- or 3-course menu and a selection of other dishes.


At night, the elegant saloon restaurant provides Italian/French cuisine, as well as a large range of international wines, including many from Germany, France and Italy. There are also around 60 different cocktails available.
In all of these areas, we aim for the highest quality and, if possible, to work with regional products served at reasonable prices.

Coffee and cake

Konditorei RabienIn the afternoon we serve coffee specialties and selected organic cakes and pies.


Here you will find our current evening menu.


Business Lunch

Here you will find our current business lunch.


Our cuisine was rewarded by Feinschmecker, Marcellinos, Tripadvisor and tip Berlin.